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7 Lesser Known But Amazing Linux Desktop Environments

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Are you looking for undiscovered Linux desktop environments? We bring 7 awesome and unseen ones . 

Monday, October 28, 2013:  Among the many amazing features of Linux, one of the most interesting features is its versatility. We have gone through years and years of the plain and simple operating systems. They look all-so-similar across machines, but if you want your computer to appear and act the way you like, there is nothing like Linux. So we bring to you some interesting, rare and beautiful Linux Desktop Environments.

1. Awesome

Awesome (sic) is one covering window manager and is definitely a good one. The environment uses the Lua scripting language and is highly configurable and extensible in usage. You do not require a mouse, it provides great support for multiple monitors and claims to be as fast as lightning.

2. AmiWM

AmiWM is a simple window manager with a simple goal called emulate the Amiga Workbench. This is for the hardcore Amiga nerds. There's even a patch to make it appear like the original versions of the Amiga Workbench.

3. Mezzo

The Mezzo Desktop Environment is somewhere super cool and still weird. Unlike most desktops that have a desktop where you can put files or menus and sub-menus to categorize and launch things, Mezzo has four corners in the screen, each of them handling a general system task (such as Files or Programs) - with the goal of simplifying user interaction. It is primarily meant for SymphonyOS.

4. UDE

UDE, or the 'Unix Desktop Environment,' is usually described as 'hardcore' desktop environment. It is based on Xlib (not Qt or GTK+, etc.) and, as such, is incredibly easy to port to various systems. UDE brings the 'Hex Menu,' which is triggered by clicking on the window borders. UDE also makes heavy usage of the mouse, going so far as to requiring a three-button mouse in order to use properly.

5. Ratpoison

Ratpoison probably carries the most innovative name around other desktop environments. Why? Because its simple goal is to kill the mouse. The environment is heavily reliable on keyboard commands to interact with the system. Although like all other environments, you can face an initial hump in learning, but once you are through Ratpoison is fast, customisable, easy to use, stable and super fun! Plus, you won't even require too much effort on setting up security for your machine because most of the people won't even know how to operate you computer!

6. Sugar

Just like the name, its audience is sweet too! It is a Desktop Environment aimed towards the kids and education. There are no windows to manage and only one application can be run at one time in full screen. There is no desktop in the program, and there is no concept of files for the user to deal with. The environment provides the user a Journal which provides snapshots of saved application.

7. ROX

While our last list had no file, ROX brings alive the old and famous concept of Linux that states that 'everything is a file'. Unlike the other desktop environment that hide your file system and provide you with a series of launchers, docks, start buttons and shortcut tools, ROX opts to make the file system itself as usable as possible. This helps you work with your system efficiently directly from the file manager. 

Atithya Amaresh, EFYTIMES News Network 

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